Unlock your full potential

Together Alfarr, The Rebel in Love & Anders Lorentz from Lifeforce Garden have created a deep and intensive 5 session course  for Men only, We focus on how to create more lifeforce energy in your body. and how to become a better version of the Man you already are. Come join us and get you seat now.

(Boost your Lifeforce)

Feeling abundance of energy

You learn how to boost your lifeforce energy, getting that feeling of abundance of energy in your body.

More free flowing energy

You learn what you can do to make that energy flow more free, to feel yourself more.

Become the Man you want to be

You learn how you can use that lifeforce energy to become the man you really want to be.

We work in a Band of Brothers

To push ourselves and support our brothers

When men work with men we tend to be more direct. Honest and truthful feedback and less bullshit. That speeds up the process and makes it more difficult to dont follow up on what we set out to do.

To focus on your inner growth

We take away the female distractions, so you dont need to compete against the other men. Here you can focus on your inner growth instead looking outside for the female recognition and appraisal so many men yearn for.

To practice being vulnerable with other men

Many men think its a sign of weakness to express emotions and be vulnerable. Practicing with other men makes it easier to open up – and feel the power it can be – to stand there “stripped and naked”, but still being accepted by your brothers.

Get some brothers for life

At the last day we will setup the base to continue the group as a mens group if the participants wants it. It has the potential to be brothers for the rest of your life.

Your two Facilitators

Alfarr – The Rebel in Love

About me

Since 2009 Alfarr has dedicated himself to sharing tantric wisdom and practices in a modern and accessible way. His approach is light-hearted, inclusive, and profoundly transformative.

Alfarr’s expertise is enable you to master the intimate connection. Making juicy sex and soul-vibrating intimacy integral to personal development and spiritual growth.

With Alfarr you too are invited to become a passionate rebel in love. In love with your own life, a life filled with passion, pleasure, and purpose.

Anders Lorentz

About me

Anders started his tantric journey in 2008 and have a profound belief that sharing this ancient wisdom and learnings with everyone around him will create a better world for all of us.

He brings high energy, masculinity, sexuality and playfulness into his workshops – all to support you being the authentic version of yourself.

He s the head organizer of Copenhagen Tantra Festival together with his partner Kate

After this course you will have

More Energy

You know how to fast create more lifeforce within yourself – lifeforce you can use to whatever is important in your life.


You will get concrete tools and techniques to continue the path of a life with more energy and more flow.

A mens group

You have brothers that supports and guide you when you off path. That tells you what you need to hear.

A better feeling of the authentic you

Your lifeforce energy can heal many wounds. Opening yourself up in a mens group will show yourself. The man you are supposed to be.

5 gatherings – 20 hours

Whats the content?

We have 5 gatherings with each other, counting more than 20 hours together. You can see the headlines and dates below . All sessions will include breathwork, exercises to boost the lifeforce. Depending on topic there will be other exercises and we will also have sharings. There will also be homework, fun stuff of course.

We highly recommend to attend all five sessions, but its not mandatory. The online sessions will be recorded for later viewing. The physical ones will not be recorded.

Boost your energy

A physical 6 hours workshop in central Copenhagen (14:00-20:00)

Your Sex

A two hour late evening online session (20:00-22:00)

Your INNER Power

A physical 3 hours evening workshop in central Copenhagen


Show Yourself

A two hour late evening online session (20:00-22:00).

The Authentic You

A physical 6 hours workshop in central Copenhagen

NOTE: Here we will also invite females

In between the gatherings

We meet online three times in between the sessions, just a 15-30 min call. To catch up. To hold each other up to our commitments and to support each other.

PLEASE NOTE: The content is not carved in stone. Depending on the group and the needs some content can be changed and adjusted

Whats the cost?

The total cost is 4.000 DKK for standard ticket.
But the Early bird tickets go as low as 2.500 DKK.

Be aware the early birds are only the first 10.

Early bird price

DKK 2,500
  • 6 hours workshop
  • 3 hours workshop
  • 2 hours online workshop
  • 2 hours online workshop
  • 6 hours workshop
  • Online checkins in between
  • Closed Facebook group
  • A mens group to develop further

Im in – what’s next?

First, get your ticket on below link. 

When payment are received I will send you a short questionary about yourself. Why do you want to attend? what’s your intention? have you done any self development before? etc. You cannot answer wrong on any of the questions 🙂

IWe do this to get to learn the group a little better before the first day, so we can tweak the content. We also do it to screen if this is really a course, we think you will benefit from. We dont want you to attend and afterwards think it was a shitty course.